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We all have something on our computer that is important to us and whether it is family photos, financial data, or your businesses point of sale database it is important that you have a reliable backup. A onsite backup is good, but what if your office is damaged in a fire or flood. Data recovery can cost thousands of dollars with no guarantee. That is why we recommend everyone has a secure, automatic online backup.

   Our backup servers are located in a secure server farm in St Louis, Mo with failsafe generators and a fire suppression systems. They are connected to the internet by a 10 Gb per second pipeline for low latency and high speed data transfer. Our servers use powerful security passwords and a secure file transfer protocol with a encrypted stream, keeping your data secure in transfer and while being stored.


   10 Gigabyte storage limit, unlimited transfer.

   Free Backup Software

   $65 Setup fee*, which includes onsite installation and configuration

   For a limited time only $5 a month or $55 a year per location

   *$70 setup fee for business customers.

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